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And one child survive shipwreck

Once you never expect God to the angels cause to die while there is mercy?  O heart, but the owner died before the slave dare not significant. I remember once as a snake is returning to the heart. The  
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We ordered the waves on the shore and so put it away where were equally fresh look. We were back on the ground next to the prairie. And numerous springs of sweet water used to play day and night. Flowers ordered that the child should lay down the bed. The sun will shine, but he did not cause the child from the heat. Light had been charged to her body began walking. Just around the clouds that interpretation expose the child away, but his body was too late so moisture does not hurt. The trees were loaded with fruit that the branches bend so the fruit was automatically put in her mouth. Recently there has been to a lioness. We put compassion in her heart. They come several times each day and breastfeed. The fear of another animal can not harm him.
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pace of the lesson in the sea from a ship that was being such as the Swan River. You said the ship trapped in the vortex and separated the two nail hook. The aircraft was destroyed. And the ship was drowned. Only two tails survive a mother and her newborn baby, who was lying on a plank had been spilled. Ah, the moon's shape without neglecting the child to the mother's breast milk was clothed with great pride. If a child sees his mother had had her heart rejoices. And it was dangerous condition in which she was lying forgotten. At the edge of the board. Happy mother and son in the baby's life. But I am commanded that I should have taken the child's mother's life. So I knew then withdrawn in compliance with the order, but the shock of orphaned vulnerable children is still in my heart. If the wound is still fresh. Indeed Allah story is certainly tragic, but I also know that when he was child. The angel said. I show you the inside story of each is clear to you all. Allah said.
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When the child was being brought up this way. One day a king ride the horse behind the deer uncle. He was very pleased to see the baby. It picked up and brought them to his wife. They had a son. He made ​​it up son. It was like a young lion. Eventually he became the crown and throne of pride and arrogance started to rob our brothers. God grew and extended itself. It was commonly made ​​to prostrate to their idols. The subjects collected in a large field and ordered him to prostrate.  Would not do that would burn them. So on one hand the people were thrown into the fire of our beloved Abraham. But we saved him. Now tell the angels come to thee, O merciful with him the mortal dust which the rude effigy grew our share. Angel said. If the creature creator and the owner is aware of the mysteries. Servants who are merciful than you can. I really rebellious child that sin, being unaware of the state of mind that brings regret it. If you get an amazing person, even if it is not the arrogant pride. It's not some entity. God is the master and lord.
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