Saturday, 26 April 2014

Glass of Milk

Rewarding good

Arslan hardly fulfill their educational expenses, they often sells various goods in other homes. He routinely knocked on the door of a house one day, suddenly felt severe hunger. Due to hunger, the boy was unconscious, the woman opened the door. When he saw the condition of the boy, he felt hungry, so I gave her a glass of milk. Boy revived after drinking milk. Empty glass back to the woman asked him: How much I owe you? "You do not owe me anything I do not give to you."
Replied the woman. "Our mother taught us that compassion and kindness are of no value".
Hearing this, the boy said, "then I thank you from my heart," the boy when he went out, not so much stronger physically, but it sure was God. It's been a while. The young woman was suffering from severe and dangerous form of the disease. Doctors could not diagnose the disease, eventually he showed Dr. Aslan. When the doctor heard of the city where the woman was brought to the PC with a twinkle in her eye occurred. He quickly got up; put on my white coat and the woman left the room. Arslan said the woman recognized at a glance. Arslan full integrity and hard work to find a solution to her problem. They succeeded in saving her life. Dr. Arslan urged the hospital administration; she moved her office to pay the bill. The doctor scribbled on the corner of the paper and found the woman he was reluctant to open it a little. He was sure that this bill will have to sell their house to pay him, so he opened the envelope was on the edge of the "payment in full of a glass of milk Revenge" Dr Arslan.
The lesson is that we must work selflessly and goodness in life and should be forgotten. However if you mention this good should be repeatedly exposed enthusiasm in others to act.

Secrets of Success

Ali was sitting talking with their teacher suddenly got the idea in his mind that was bothering him period.
"Why some people shower head so restless mind and some are so quiet? Whose minds are scattered and anxious all the time live what they can to stay calm?" Ali asked the teacher said: I'll tell you a story, after which you will find the answer to your question.
An elephant is eating leaves of a tree that was standing a little bee came from nowhere came and sat near her ear. He shook his big elephant ears blown. It happened many times. Elephant tired.
Eventually the elephant asked the fly: Why are you making so much noise and restless? Bee replied:
I'll go this direction by any means, but it sounds like I have my ears, so I'll go away on its behalf. So that any kind of scent that I would attract. Let me go to my senses and I could not stop myself but how to stay calm and still do?
The elephant stopped eating and said to him, attracting flies “My five senses do not rule me, if I'm doing this work full attention towards it. Like I'm eating. Then I am completely absorbed in the food, Ali’s eyes were opened to hear the words and the smile on his face shattered his teacher looked up and said: Now I understand, if my cognitive control my mind and my mind will change my mind anxiety would suffer if I am in charge of your own five senses, my mind will be relaxed. 
"Yes, that's right," the teacher replied.
People who are anxious every time they are dispersed by the mind to take care because they could not do a thing. If you really want to be successful individuals so highly regarded with attention to focus on just one thing at a time. This will not cause any anxiety and comfort and all the work will be completed.

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