Saturday, 24 May 2014

Alchemy elements Gray Life!

Look yourself in the mirror. Your existence in the face, hair, eyes, nose, lips and a beautiful collection of organs and apparently contributed to a unit that looks like. But the reality is much different. What are you looking in the mirror than 200 different types of cells is the sum of 100 trillion or a trillion. Each cell is a living unit in its place and the overall structure and functions of the body plays an individual role. Muscle cells of our muscles and our liver is made of liver cells. Even our very special type of cell in the body are trying to make our teeth polished lenses in our eyes are clear and transparent.
think skin hairy sebaceous gland
After understanding the life of cells, we can understand and learn how our body works. Food and breeding since become part of the body to infections and broken bones, reconnect everything, including the level of cells or cellular level is.  Areas such as biotechnology and genetic engineering if you are interested in knowing about even if it is necessary for the cells. First, we need to know how the human cell is bravura. To understand this is an example of a familiar object that is human hair. The largest cell in the human body are equal to the diameter of a hair, but most are smaller than the cell. Probably equivalent to one tenth of the diameter of a human hair. Try stroking your hair so that the hair is fine. Its diameter is equal to about 100 micron. A micron is equal to one meter and ten millions, so 100 micron is equal to one tenth of a mm. In a typical human cell diameter equal to one tenth of the thickness of your hair can be a 10 micron.
eponychium lunula proximal nail fold
Next question might be how many cells of the body parts are used. Go to the little finger of your feet. It is approximately two to three billion mezuzah cells. But it also depends on how big is that you exist. I simply want to understand it more if I may say. If a shot glass filled the whole house, this house, the little finger of your feet and seal rounds are loaded into the glass. From this example, you would surely understand that our existence and our overall size maker ratios have been cells. Before the question of how cells work, surely it will come to our mind what are the cell. Our cells are made up of the same elements that the world is become everything. Other things like the atom cells are the basic unit., Our cells are made of atoms of different elements. How many atoms are in a cell, but it is hard to answer accurately. One is too many of them and each cell is like a third the size of each cell, the cell to grow and divide live forever. Washington University engineers estimate that a typical human cell function 100000000000000 is made ​​up of 100 trillion atoms. Interesting thing is that all the atoms are in a cell of our body is formed about the same cells. 99 percent of the human body is only 6 elements configured to Thana. Including oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus are included. Of these, 96 per cent is made ​​up of four elements. All organic molecules contain carbon. Each body cell contains 65 to 90 percent water. It should be no surprise because the oxygen and hydrogen components of our body's primary creation. If each element correctly Ratio want to know if they will understand that our body is 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 1.5% calcium, 1% phosphorus, 0.35 percent potassium, 0.25 percent sulfur, containing 0.15% sodium and 0.05 percent magnesium. Textured elements of human existence, and many have been used, but their ratio is very low. 0.70 per cent of our body, such as the creation of the elements copper, rust, selenium, fluorine, chlorine, iodine, magnet, lobule and iron are included. Besides lithium, strontium, Aluminum, Silicon, lead, vanadium, arsenic and bromine are also the tryst. In light of these facts and the reality of life becomes clear.
plasma membrane mitochondrion centriole vacuole lysosome

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