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Stomach problem

Food and assumptions and facts about the digestive system

Stomach, The human body is a strange and poor. Many phrases and multiply unless it is used in the example. After being caught in some guilty about their crimes are called "sinners Pete's sake, I do it all." It is said that about anyone "to extinguish the fire that he did all this."
However, abdominal contrast is neither sinful nor is it fair to say that hell fire is, yes, it definitely begs for food. And food because of some issues that sometimes emerge. But the myth of the stomach issues and assumptions are famous. Things from my childhood and our minds are conditioned to assume the innocence of age, we understand the truth of these things. For example, we are told that eating a watermelon seed, we eat it for. Watermelon will grow in our stomach or intestines chewing the inside of the rubber sticks to the stomach will be gone. After the wise man comes out of the blame, but they are looking forward to it after some assumption that it does nothing in life ever is. Most people like a qualified and experienced doctor in animal feeding routines feedback or suggest others are found. Stomach feeling like a flower bud and wash away somehow then will say that it is caused by eating too much. Some people do not have the stomach to break down a particular problem. Some of the sandwiches, vermicelli or bread inflation or the nature of any disturbance in the stomach feel when someone gives opinions that he is allergic to wheat or flour.
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Accurate medical information in matters of food and feed, experience and deep observation should be no final opinion or the opinion of an experienced doctor who should be. The process of digesting food is quite long and complicated. Totruly digest food since 24 takes 72 hours, during which numerous muscles participate. Many of our members to help digest the food prepared and sent to the digestive substances. After eating this food into our mouths tract, stomach and intestinal ten-meter-long trip very gently and the digestive process continues throughout the journey. If your stomach and intestines are not working properly, then your whole body system...... Even on your mood and the mood of the effects.
Each part of the digestive system and other parts and each step is linked to the second stage. If any of them is interrupted, the whole system is a mess. Any slight inconvenience or disruption may lead to problems. Your stomach may flowers, apiary the conditions may be, may experience nausea, cyan may seem, can be a pain in the stomach, heartburn can be. The stomach and digestive system if you find the right information about the many problems and if you can avoid many misunderstandings. Stomach complaints, and many assumptions regarding food, Things are common misconceptions and myth. Let them understand the truth. Let us try to tell you how much is real and how many attune Fiction.
Some people say that day at least once in the stomach must be gaur guar. According to the opinion of the doctors carrying Confusion occurs when the stomach changes its position. If this happens without any trouble. So once a day or once in two or three days to do no harm, but if this bothers you, then it is a matter of concern, however, no serious reason not necessarily. Constipation can also be a reason for this. Fruits, vegetables and high-fiber diet and drinking water in addition to the use constipation may be removed. If you are suffering from constipation
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for more than three weeks should see a doctor. It’s going to take less than is usually harmless, but it indicates a problem that can be serious. A common idea is that belly like a flower bud or apiary feel just how much food is the cause. This idea is not correct. Second, there are several reasons for this. Stored in the stomach or intestines, which can be removed via Dakar, etc., may also be the reason. High-fat meal, Stress and nervous tension, smoking,gastrointestinal face swelling and allergic to something in the food that could be the reason. Toavoid this situation, the option can be some precautions. The gas-producing foods such Cold Drink, including chewing and avoid sour fruits. It is also common an idea that nowadays people have become weak stomach to digest and is dwindling. It is somewhat the truth. Comfortable life, avoiding elaborate diets and exercise, because our performance in relation to digest food in the old days were not as hard-working people But one of the complaints in this regard because it has increased the awareness in people. More of a problem are discussed and are being conspicuous. In olden times there were not such things in front. Nowadays, it is that people actually eat more than your required quantity. Each person depending on their size and lifestyle needs food. Labor and labor than the rest living Summoned require less food but eating more than required amount if they feel it would have weakened the ability to digest food. Such people should try to estimate how much food they need. They should calculate food. After dinner on marked fatigue or lethargy seems to dominate, some people would say about them that their poor health is not good and they are really worried. The fact that a little sleepy after eating or taking a long nap leads to no sign of any disease. It is a normal thing. Especially after lunch, many people have this condition. If you eat more starchy foods are likely to be even greater if drowsiness .You are light, simple and easy to digest food, eat , laziness and drowsiness is less likely . Many people think that the worries and concerns of the stomach is bad. At least to the extent that is true to the extent that fear, anxiety and concerns when faced falling stomach knots look like. The most frightening and disturbing situations, some people need to go to the bathroom suddenly becomes present .turn. The stomach, its natural systems are under attack her action of these hormones work to digest the food stops. It kills our appetite is in a state of fear and anxiety, and tend to have the hole.
Interestingly, the human rights situation in that it is not bad, is good. In this state of disarray after the slightest problem to tackle is more alert and careful. If any of the food because it was cheaper even if they are removed.
Many people believe that only healthy foods can be placed through the stomach. This is incorrect. Just food plays an important role in the health of the stomach and the top of the water. Gastrointestinal water clean and healthy is the most effective way. So many things to stomach this role as well as the vehicle's engine oil ..... However, the most important of these is water. Day for an adult person must drink two to three liters of water. Not only does it protect you from constipation, but also help in removing waste from the body is very irregular. 
Gastrointestinal healthy and perform its functions in relation to other important thing to keep diligent exercise. The stomach and gastrointestinal stomach muscles strong, which makes the performance is better. Components responsible for gastrointestinal ayes third useful thing must be at least 30 grams. Usually people 20 to 30 grams of fiber in the diet are. Some people have even lower proportions in the diet. If the water in your daily routines ayes responsible diet and exercise, take care of three things then you can stomach the healthy longevity.
Some people think that if they totally fat-free diet is that they can improve their health this way. This idea is not entirely true. Grease your diet completely unnecessary or harmful ingredient is vitamin E derived from fat we are. Harmful in excessive amounts of fat, but fat is not beneficial to use left. If the visible fat on the meat we took off, but food and drink are some things which are invisible and losing fat without feeling we are eating. The same problem comes up in the body.

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